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To JLC Second Chance Trucking Inc.

JLC Second Chance Trucking Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Douglasville, Georgia.



Our mission is to transport goods to businesses in a timely manner by persons that are hard to place in the workforce. We intend to help the stars align for these individuals who may have made mistakes in the past but are asking for a “second chance” to have a meaningful and rewarding life for themselves and their families.

Vision Statement

Our vision for our company is to create a safe, reliable, and multi-modal transportation system that helps to grow the economy, is affordable to use and operate, and serves a variety of businesses.  This is a two-fold vision as we intend to accomplish this all while employing hard to place individuals and putting them in the workforce in order for them to realize accomplishment and pride in themselves.

Company Philosophy/Values 

Everyone deserves a second chance after a mistake they have made in their lives. We want to offer individuals an opportunity to turn their life around and make a living for themselves and provide a sense of meaningfulness and pride.

Special Benefits

We are a small company owned by a sole proprietor; so we can offer better one on one training, support and help with any individual issues that might come with hiring convicted felons and hard to place individuals. 

Unique Features

This is not assembly line work.  We are a relaxed place and less stressful work environment. This will facilitate a longer training period if needed and a better chance for success for the individual looking to learn a new career.

Product and Delivery

We are ready to provide transportation services for the purpose of delivering goods across the state of Georgia and across the country.

What people are saying about JLC Second Chance Trucking, Inc.


They did my job quickly and thoroughly with a price that I consider an EXCELLENT value.  10 out of five stars!!!

Camille Struthers

Very satisfied customer

Very professional business that goes beyond the call of duty for customers. I was very impressed with the professionalism and courtesy that the business displayed. Very satisfied customer. Thanks again.

James Douglas

I highly recommend this company

I highly recommend this company!

Brandon Boxer

These guys were AWESOME

These guys were AWESOME!