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To JLC Second Chance Trucking Inc.

JLC Second Chance Trucking Inc. is a non-profit organization registered in Douglasville, Georgia.


Our mission is to provide employment opportunities and support for former felons, allowing them to rebuild their lives and careers by offering exceptional transportation services. We aim to create a supportive environment that encourages personal growth, professional development, and a sense of belonging, while making a positive impact on society.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized as the leading transportation trucking company that champions second chances and empowers individuals with criminal records to excel in their professional lives. We strive to break down stigma and create a pathway for successful reintegration into society while consistently delivering outstanding service to our clients.


Former felons often face significant barriers when trying to reintegrate into society, including finding stable employment. This lack of opportunities can perpetuate a cycle of criminal behavior, hindering personal growth and contributing to high recidivism rates. Society’s prejudices and the reluctance of companies to employ individuals with criminal records further exacerbate this problem.


JLC Second Chance Trucking aims to address this problem by providing employment opportunities specifically targeted towards former felons. By creating an inclusive and supportive work environment, we offer a chance for personal growth, skill development, and a pathway to redemption. By investing in our employees, we believe that we can positively impact their lives and contribute to reducing recidivism rates.

Unique Selling Proposition

The unique selling proposition of JLC Second Chance Trucking is the focus on offering second chances to individuals with criminal records. By understanding the challenges our employees face and providing tailored support and development opportunities, we create a work environment that nurtures personal growth and professional success. This sets us apart from traditional trucking companies and positions us as a socially responsible business dedicated to making a positive impact on society. Additionally, by utilizing the skills and talents of our workforce, we differentiate ourselves by delivering exceptional transportation services.

Product and Delivery

We are ready to provide transportation services for the purpose of delivering goods across the country.