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JLC Second Chance Trucking, Inc. is on the front lines to deliver critical services to those in need.  We advocate for ex felons and hard to place individuals to find honest, good jobs. Furthermore, we seek to educate and improve the lives of the people we support.

We anticipate hiring ten individuals to train and drive the ten transportation vehicles that we plan to purchase at an average cost of $60K per driver for payroll and payroll taxes on an annual basis.

Cost of Plan

We have a 5 year plan of $13,200,000 in funding that will enable us to shift the focus to a Non-Profit Organization named JLC Second Chance Trucking Inc. designed to employ and rehabilitate employees. The first year expenses including purchasing equipment and set up costs would be $2,966,250; years 2, 3, 4 & 5 of our 5-year plan would be approximately $2,560,000 each year for ongoing operating expenses and payroll.

We anticipate the purchase of ten various types of transportation vehicles ($800K); 5 cargo vans and 5 hotshots. The expense of upkeep on these vehicles (repairs and maintenance, insurance, fuel, tags, etc.) on an annual basis would be approximately $250K.