Phone: 479-373-2302 / Cell: 470-522-7178

Our Purpose

Helping individuals turn their lives around!

Looking for serious minded workers

We aim to provide the opportunity to someone looking to start over in the workforce. We will hire convicted felons and provide a rehabilitation factor by these individuals in the workforce by obtaining their Driver’s License and/or CDL to transport if necessary. They can drive across the country transporting goods, or if that is not possible we can also schedule loads within the state of Georgia.

Target Market

Our target employees are convicted felons and hard to place individuals that normally would be limited in their employment options or would be automatically turned down for a job based on their past. This happens in most hiring situations today; there are few businesses that are willing to take the chance.

Inspiration & Strength

Jerry Cox is very grateful for the support he received when he needed a second chance and seeks to do the same for others