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Jerry L. Cox is more than qualified and motivated to lead JLC Second Chance Trucking, Inc as it’s Founder and President.  He has the experience and discipline to be successful in this venture.

As an army veteran who served in our armed forces, he began his military career at the age of 17.  As a senior in high school, Mr. Cox served as a ground surveillance radar operator.  He received basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  He continued his radar training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  His first duty assignment was in Fort Hood, Texas.  From there he transferred to South Korea where he worked on radar site 13 and radar site 4.  While stationed in Korea he continued to educate himself by attending radar School in Yokota, Japan.  When he returned to the States in 1982, he briefly toured in Fort Stewart, Georgia.  Afterward, he was deployed to Gräfenberg, Germany where he elected to EST (Expiration Term of Service) out of the military.  He was honorably discharged with the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Jerry has been a in the trucking industry for over 40 years.  As the owner and operator of JL Cox Trucking LLC, which has been in business since 2015, Jerry L. Cox has been driving trucks and transporting goods across the country.  Throughout the span of his business, Jerry leased out his own truck to various transport companies while keeping and maintaining the truck on the road.  He also earned the 5 Million Driver Safety Award ring, which is given for accident-free performance.

Now Jerry seeks to shift his focus.  “I want/need to provide employment opportunities to less fortunate individuals looking to turn their lives around.” He also wants to provide training to help potential employees obtain their CDL license, if necessary in order to transport.

Jerry’s vision further seeks to see more drivers and more transportation vehicles for the non-profit organization that he is determined to get off the ground.  The organization will not only train employees, it will aid in the rehabilitation of convicted felons and hard to place individuals.

Jerry’s passion, belief, and desire is to help others earn an honest living and provide for their families.  This will instill a sense of worth in the employee/person and serve as rehabilitation for them as well.

Committed to our employee’s success!

ABOUT THE CEO/CO-FOUNDER (Chief Executive Officer)

Jacob (Jake) Stearns is our Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder with 30 plus years of experience in the trucking industry and over 15 years as a trainer.

Jake is a third generation driver who has been in and around trucks his entire life.  His father, who has been driving now for over 52 years would grab up little Jake and sit him on his lap.  As a toddler, Jake loved spending time with his father on his farm and knew by the age of 12 that he would probably drive trucks for the rest of his life.

As a professional driver, Jake has hauled loads over 200k lbs. with multiple axles on the ground and anywhere in between. He has hauled dry vans, refers, flatbed, step-deck, car haulers, dump trucks, RGNs, and west coast setups. He has also handled loads up to 16′ tall and 16′ wide.

When Jake began his trucking career as a company driver, he felt the need to minimize mistakes by training new drivers how to properly start to finish load deliveries. He knew it was important for them to learn the true process, so he stepped up.

In 2013, Jake started his own company with multiple trucks.  He was responsible for scheduling loads, dispatching and delivery. His experience showed him how to keep customers happy, as well as the drivers.  Now, Jake has over three (3) million miles under his belt and hopes to pass that knowledge on to those who are looking to better themselves.

Jake is confident that JLC Second Chance Trucking, Inc. will provide hard to place individuals with work opportunities that they may not be able to get at any other company.  He will work tirelessly to support JLC Second Chance Trucking, Inc. and their employees, so they can earn a paycheck doing good, honest work and feel a strong since of accomplishment.

Board of Directors

Anthony Knight, Chair

Terry Searcy, Vice Chair

Darfus Dallas

Gary London

Jeff Bailey